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I always love to get connected with my fans: In Coversation with Deepak Rathore

Deepak Rathore is a young singer-songwriter from India. He strives to write music that can inspire people, through tales of struggle, love, and all
that lies in between. He was recently listed as the Top 50 most prominent
bands in the country by Sennheiser. Awarded as a youth icon by Himachal
Pradesh University. The Last two single released crossed a million mark on
Youtube. The Complete album is on the way now.

Recently he opened up about his personal life, inspiration, and dreams to our team in an exclusive interview. Read on to find out everything about

Firstly give a brief introduction to the band and how it all started
and how you developed an interest in music?

Well it started from some school singing sessions. I always use to be a part
of every singing events that use to happen in school. Major things came into
action when I started my engineering in Chandigarh. Initially I formed a
band and we use to jam daily.This time I came up with my first original
song called Tu Jo Nahi Hai Yaha. This helped me in getting some good
audience and from here the journey got the pace.

Do you belong to a family with a musical background

I have people in my family doing music. Many of them are into Indian
classical. I am majorly into free style and I
Love folk Rock.

Are your compositions based on your life events or how do you get the ideas for writing a song?

The major influences Is from day to day life and from the people around.As
we are located near hills of Uttarakhand and Himachal a lot of influence
comes from the sound of nature and folk sound of the hills.We strives to
write music that can inspire people, through tales of struggle and love.

Recently you were listed in the Top 50 bands of India. What has been
your inspiration all throughout this journey?

Ya. Its a competition organised by Sennheiser. Year 2016 I was on Rank 41 and
this Year I got the Rank 14 Nationwide.
This is really a big initiative taken by Sennheiser. Very few event are
organised for Independent artists.On the jury panel there were huge name
like Shankar-Ehsaan-loy, Papon and many more.So its something which keeps us
motivating and keeps giving energy. Family, friends and the followers keep
giving me energy and this is the reason I try giving my best everytime.

If not a Singer, What would have Deepak Rathore been?

I would have joined Indian Army. Defence services always fascinate me. A life full of principles and diciplin and servicing your nation what can be
better than that.Cricket was also a major part till school days.I use to be
decent enough with both bat and ball.But in both the cases music would have been there. So I feel good that I am contributing in the form of music to my country.

Most of your songs are about heartbreaks, any explanation? ;p

I think every poet initially get inspired from love.As love holds the
highest level of emotion in the world and
For writing and composing a song emotions are the first things u
need.Because of emotion you gets connected to Song.
I have almost 2 albums ready and lined up now .I am writing many other
things now like social issues, life connections,motivation.

Where do you see Deepak Rathore Project a few years from now?

I keep it simple. I should have come up with 2-3 albums. Will love
to contribute some good music in Bollywood. And may I learn each and every
day in the coming 5 years.

Any Message you want to give to your fans?

Well, I feel we should never give up. Every artist on the top chart today
have done a lot of handwork and efforts.
We don’t have a competitions with anyone. First we should
impress ourselves and the then audience.
I always love to get connected with my people. So I will say feel free
to give your suggestions and feedback on my social
media. Facbook, Insta, Twitter, Youtuibe. I will work hard and I am sure you
all gonna love the upcoming projects. Cheers !

Tell us about your upcoming album ‘Kagaz Ki Naav’

The upcoming album is called ‘Kagaz Ki Naav’. It Consist of 8 original
songs.The major sound of the album is folk rock and Hindi rock.Will add
some unplugged too.I also did a remake of one Of my old song called ‘Ja
Tujhko’. So it will be a completely fresh and new sound. I planing to
release couple of videos before album release.

and as we know that ‘Ja Tujhko’s video is coming real soon tell us the story behind ‘Ja Tujhko’, Is it based on real-life events?

Yes, video is out now. And it a song which is my personal favourite from my
compositions. I got many big things connected to me because of this song.
Everyone wanted me to make video for it. So we made a new sound for the song gave it more fresh treatment and now it’s going good. The video shows how the lead character tries to make everyone happy but cannot make peace with his past. As the story unfurls he realizes that you can never really hate someone you truly loved. The concluding scene has him sketching himself along with his past in his imagination.


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